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In this house, storytelling and sales strategy snuggle up side-by-side, connection and conversion break bread, and thoughtful copywriting welcomes growth to your brand like it’s the precious fiddle leaf fig over in the corner. 

So open the door and kick off your shoes – how does a craft blend of personality and purpose sound to you? I’ll serve up research-backed, connection-focused copy that’ll leave ideal clients thinking about you all day long.

As for the fun we’ll have while doing it? It’s on the house. 

Brand messaging to shift
Research to advance
SEO strategy for growth
Storytelling for connection
Sales strategy to thrive

The end result? Your brand – morphed.

Words of transformation. 


Let’s take a lesson from that old biology textbook collecting dust on the bookshelf –
Evolution isn’t random. Your words shouldn't be either. 

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That’s why I’ll always use…

More on the method 

Choose a chair, sit cross-legged on the floor, sprawl out on the couch. I don’t care — just get cozy. 

What makes your brand remarkable? Share your story, your goals, who you want to impact, and how you do it better than the rest. 

Together, we’ll collaborate to craft words that match your expertise, connect with your audience, and sell like hell in a way that feels good to you. 



You nurtured a spark of inspiration into an offer you know your ideal clients need. But actually selling to them? It gives you the ick. 
Luckily I specialize in sales without sleaze and focus on connection that leads to conversion.  

Brand Messaging | SEO | Full Webcopy


Sales Pages | Sales Funnels | Nurture Emails

Does your brand need a home of its own? 
A website is your own little nook of the internet. Your ideal clients are searching for a comfy spot to land and you want your website to call them in

Let's write my website!

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Ready to launch my offer!

Maura Taylor / wedding Photographer

Proudly sharing the thoughts of my brilliant clients and the powerful copy we created. 

Brand Messaging | Website Copy | Lead Magnet

If you are going to make ANY investment into your creative business - I strongly encourage you to hire Kait as your copywriter. Through multiple projects now, she literally never ceases to amaze me in how beautifully she is able to portray my vision and thoughts - I swear she writes about my business and myself better than I have ever been able to LOL. No thoughts or ideas that you have for your business are too jumbled for her to unravel and comprehend - she took every hope I had and created incredible web copy for my wedding photography business, not to mention her SEO strategy is un. matched. Through our initial BrandStorm to full web copy to now writing email sequences, freebies and blogging monthly for me, I legit could not imagine running my business without her help! Hire. her. now. What are you waiting for???”


MAXIME HUE / brand + web designer

Brand Messaging | Full Website Copy

 “I've worked with other copywriters. Although they were great I felt like they didn't get me. I'm a bit of a dichotomy and not only do I feel like Kait understands that, I feel like she sees me. I finally have copy that represents me and I can't tell you the relief and confidence I feel after working with her. In addition to that Kait made the process fun, engaging and super easy. Working with Kait is like having a team member, cheerleader and friend all in one. RUN, don't walk.” 

Jamie Mccoy / My integrative therapist

Sales Page | Email Funnels | Launch Copy

“Kait was absolutely amazing from start to finish! She went above and beyond to understand my personal and professional values - this translated that into amazing, authentic copy for my launches. The fact that she took the time to learn about why I do what I do and the value of my service was so important to me. She truly listened to what I needed and I'm so grateful I found her!”

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How are ya? Welcome welcome <3 I’m stoked that you’re here. 

Morph Copy House, though virtual, is a place you can sink into. Drop your coat at the door, and while you’re at it, peel off the layers of who you think you have to be and what you should be doing.

In a world that turns because of trends, inside these e-walls, I urge you to be uncommon. 

I created Morph as I was selling my things, embarking on my nomad journey, and leaving to live my best unconventional life. It became the safe place I could fold up and take with me – no matter where I went. It became the home I needed it to be. 

And now, it can give the same to your brand.

So stay awhile and have a look around. I think you’ll like it here. 

xx Kait 


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